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In this captivating interview on CBS 17 Raleigh, Matt Zemon, author of the Amazon bestseller Psychedelics for Everyone, discusses the transformative potential of psychedelics for mental health. Matt shares his journey from a non-drug user to an advocate for psychedelic therapy, inspired by a life-changing guided psychedelic experience. He mentions the therapeutic benefits of ketamine, a legal psychedelic in all 50 states, which has shown remarkable results in treating depression, anxiety, OCD, and eating disorders.


Matt emphasizes that ketamine provides a non-daily, less addictive alternative to traditional antidepressants, which often come with severe side effects. He also explores the promising research on MDMA and psilocybin for PTSD and other mental health conditions, noting that these substances are on the brink of FDA approval due to their significant clinical trial successes.


Throughout the interview, Matt underscores the importance of using these substances under medical supervision and discusses the broader implications for public policy and mental health treatment. His book not only covers personal stories and comprehensive information on various psychedelic compounds but also aims to educate readers on the potential benefits of psychedelic medicine.

For those interested in exploring psychedelic therapy, understanding psychedelics for depression and anxiety, or seeking information on psychedelic retreats and psychedelic guides, Matt’s book and his website,, offer valuable resources and insights.


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Matt Zemon

Author of two best-selling books: Psychedelics for Everyone: A Beginner’s Guide to These Powerful Medicines for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Expanding Consciousness and Beyond the Trip,A Journal for Psychedelic Preparation and Integration, I hold a Master’s degree from King’s College London …

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