Matt Zemon Interview with Jason Carter

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In this interview of Inside South Florida, Jason Carter interviews Matt Zemon at the Wonderland conference, one of the most prominent psychedelic conferences in the country. They discuss the evolving perception and medicinal benefits of psychedelics and mental health. Zemon, author of “Psychedelics for Everyone” and “Beyond the Trip Journal,” highlights significant advancements in psychedelic therapy research, particularly the promising results of MDMA in treating PTSD and the growing acceptance of ketamine for mental health issues. The conversation also explores the different models of psychedelic use in America: medical, decriminalization, and religious. Zemon emphasizes the transformative impact of psychedelics, sharing insights from a panel of diverse individuals discussing their spiritual experiences with these substances, including the use of magic mushrooms and psilocybin for depression. The interview underscores the importance of conferences like Wonderland in shaping public opinion and policy regarding microdosing and psilocybin therapies.

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Matt Zemon

Author of two best-selling books: Psychedelics for Everyone: A Beginner’s Guide to These Powerful Medicines for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Expanding Consciousness and Beyond the Trip,A Journal for Psychedelic Preparation and Integration, I hold a Master’s degree from King’s College London …

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